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A friend in 2022 Dec offered to introduce me, Imran to Agastya International Foundation.

Hence the collaboration invite and overview.

Saving this page for updates on what I'm hoping will be a favourable response and resources that result from our combined talents.

Some of the info he shared are as follows.

Today is the 20th anniversary of Agastya. During the past 20 years Agastya has directly touched more than 15 million children, 250,000 teachers and is operating in 19 states and is having night study programs for poor rural children in more than 800 villages, has about 1450 full time employees on rolls and about 850 part time paid volunteers for the night village programmes. We also have about 220 mobile science labs and over 100 science centres across the country.

Clinton Global Initiative - 2022 New York

Chelsea Clinton felicitates Ramji Raghavan & Agastya International Foundation for it's commitment to impact 37 million children in India in 5 years in the front a of Global audience of one thousand including Bill & Hilary Clinton, Bono ( U 2) , Hollywood /popstars. & Fortune 500 CEO . Chelsea said that people "should gasp " at the scale of Agastya's Commitment


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